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Train The Trainer

Corporate Training

Delivering a training course requires expertise in the domain. A trainer must know the subject well, be able to communicate well, know how training works, have a high level of empathy to understand what participants are expecting from the training and be able to show enthusiasm about the content.
The skills required to train individuals can be mastered with correct training. Trainers must feel confident about the domain they are training on and should be confident enough to deliver and match the expectations of the participants.

Train the trainer training in Mumbai / corporate training in Mumbai

Don’t you remember a good teacher from your school or college days even after so many years, the same applies to the corporate training world, all you need to have the required delivery skills to leave an impact on your participants to remember. However this does not happen, most people go through different training programs and when it comes to deliver one, they simply copy what was used on them and end up giving a lecture, since training is different from lecturing.

A important skill a trainer must aquire is distinction – which can only be acquired through practice and persistence.
This module trains the trainer to acquire all the required skills to design and deliver an effective training session keeping in mind the participants learning pattern. This module is designed to take place over a period of 55 hrs to suit the trainers needs and time available for training.

TheTrain the Trainer course prepares participants to deliver outstanding training sessions regardless of the topic. Participants who go through this course can easily pick up the required delivery skills and would know how best to present it best.

The key components of this training module are :

  • Understanding how learning works
  • Different Instructional methods
  • Learning to teach by examples
  • Designing and sequencing the content
  • Balancing the delivery of the content
  • Delivering the information to increase memory retention and learning
  • Enhancing training with games, simulations, case studies and role plays
  • Delivering using effective verbal communication skills
  • confidence and using correct body language
  • Handling questions and questioning strategies
  • Delivery tools – Multimedia projectors, AV equipments
  • Powerpoint slides development
  • Feedback process and certification

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