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Email Etiquette

Corporate Training

A  recent study reflected that over 50% of businesses still do not offer any sort of E-mail Etiquette Training to their employees.  Many employees, customer service representatives and business owners themselves seem lost when it comes to  business e-mail etiquette and proper practices to be followed while emailing.
Your employees need to brush up on these issues so that they can communicate with courtesy and clarity. This makes everyone’s job easier!
In business, on or off-line, impressions are everything. Think about it… off-line you notice what people wear, how they present themselves, the quality of their business cards etc.
The very same applies online. As an example, if you e-mail in one liners, do not spell check your email, do not use proper sentence structure or lack basic grammar rules, how do you think that reflects on you and your business? Not good, right?

Email Etiquettes training in Mumbai / corporate training in Mumbai

What kind of impression do you set on your clients and customers, when you write those shady emails. E-mail Etiquette isn’t brain surgery. E-mail Etiquette is simply a set of basic skills that we all need to be aware of and practice to make sure your business thrives both off and online.

By the end of this course, participants will learn:

  • How to make the best use of emails
  • Email structures to achieve clarity and successful communication
  • To write for the reader - effective subject lines
  • Email effectiveness – Managing recipients and messages
  • Perfect grammar because it matters
  • Format messages for readability
  • Learn to write professionally and brand Broadcast emails
  • Learn to avoid senders regret by proof reading
  • Understand 'netiquette'
  • Master the inbox using some core principles and email functions
  • Attaching files to an e-mail Vs web links
  • Email policies – Forwards, viruses, disclaimers
  • Email effectiveness – Managing recipients and messages

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