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Call Centre Training with guaranteed jobs in Mumbai

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Call Centre Training Module
......30 hrs
Speak Right for today's hottest career option

Are you aspiring to work in a International Call Centre but don't know what it entails?
Are you currently in a Call Centre and wish to move up the ladder? If you've been wondering how you can pick up the required skills, then this module is for you.

A complete training module to develop English communication skills for any one who wants to enter the international call centre industry. In order to speak with customers across the globe, and answer queries satisfactorily. Call centre agents need to be clear, prompt and precise with their responses, and speak English correctly, pleasantly and intelligibly. This module provides an easy-to-follow, step - by - step programme in building English-speaking skills, Accent, personality and Interview skills

call centre training / American accent / British accent / Customer service

1.Introduction to call centre industry
Types of Call Centre
Functioning of a Call Centre
Scope of the Call Centre Industry

2.Soft Skills
Communication skills- Elimination of Grammatical errors
Telephonic skills - Outbound / Inbound / Marketing skills
Reading Skills - Focus on wave modulation
Listening Skills

Accent Neutralisation - Elimination of Mother Tongue Influence(MTI)
Jaw Exercises Pronunciation of Consanants & Vowels
Rules of Intonations
Basics of American & British Accent

4.Personality Enhancement
Attitude Management
Killing Nervousness & Building Confidence
Body language & dress code

5.Prepration for an Interview
Resume Development
Understanding various rounds of Interview
Extempore - Improving thought process to speak on
any given topic on the spot
Group discussion - Improving interacting skills to
create a competitive edge over others.
Grammar / Aptitude / Listening Test
Personal Interview

6.Mock Practise

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